Sunday, 17 September 2017

"Shood Hammy Share his Ice cream" - CSI DT

...& Other Fanciful Tales.

Now before you think to yourself : "that's not how you spell SHOULD", the title is not mine. It comes from my 7yr-old grandson's first story book, which is the topic of the case file we get to play along with this time around.

My layout featuring my grandson, Victor.

The colours:
light Grey - swirly flowers, imagination sticker, title words.
med Sky Blue - pattern paper
Mustard Gold - pattern papers & tag
Kiwi Green - washi tape, stamping ink & pre-printed phrase sticker

Evidence: polka dots, text print, animal, flowers, leaves, & (paper) book plate.

Testimony: Document a favorite book, and tuck your story in something but make it visible.

I journaled (in French) about Victor's imagination. He has been creating his own story books which he loves to share with us.

The translated journaling reads:

Victor has lots of imagination. He writes and illustrates his own story books. "Shood Hammy Share his ice cream", and "Fix the Problem" tell the playful adventures of Hammy the hamster and his friend, Lizzie the lizard. In "Félix's Thunberstorm", Félix the dog seeks out the help of Oshi and Ygritte, the cats, after being struck by lightning. He is really proud of his work and I am happy for him. I hope he continues to share his stories with us.

*Personal challenge of using at least one stamp per page: alphabet stamp for "shood" ( I love that stamp set), and SU set for "genuine article" and "original". *


I hope you'll shop your stash and create a layout to share with us. We love seeing how YOU solve the case.

Bye for now. À la prochaine.

Jacynthe ☺


  1. Hiya Jacynthe! What a treat to see your beautiful blog....especially this layout! Lovin' all the layering, interesting tags, embellies and of course your journaling. You have another generation writer, I see! Good for you!!! Big hugs to you......Patty

  2. What a lovely memory to preserve! Maybe he will become a writer one day:-)? Your papers are really beautiful, and the colours bright and happy. Love all the details. Makes me want to look again and again. I also have to add that I love the title of your blog! Makes me giggle every time I see it:-)

  3. Oh, I love this--the story and your beautiful page. Love the mix of patterns on here that give your page such a warm, cozy feel to go with the little author at work at his wooden desk. Love your title work and the sheer pocket with your story and that little dinosaur quote at the bottom and all the little clusters that keep the eye traveling around your page. Such precious memories that he will surely love to read about later on.

  4. Ohhh this is so sweet, I love that he loves to write and that you shared a bit of his stories. Your handwriting is gorgeous and so is your page! I love that you utilized some stamps too, I totally need to do that.

  5. Victor sounds like the kind of kid I want my son to grow into! I love that he has such an imagination and makes his own story books!! Future author...coming 2031! ;)

    Beautiful project, Jacynthe. You always have the cutest papers! Love it all :)

  6. Oh wow! I love this layout. You showed two beautiful photos - 1. Victor showing him drawing and writings and 2. His pictures that he drew. They are both so perfect. He is a very bright young man which I know you are very proud of him. Great Layout!!! Ginger

  7. I am soooooo happy to see you on the CSI team. Long overdue. I just love your style and this layout is wonderful and the journalling from the heart. How wonderful that your son has such an imagination. I hope that he never looses it. I came here from the newest CSI layout which I simply adore. So good to see you creating again you have a wonderful talent for it <3