Monday, 14 November 2016

CSI Challenge #175 [Allo Maxime]

For my very first blog post I wanted to share a layout made for the CSI Challenge # 175. I finished it after the due date and never posted it to the site. Here it is:

And here is the case file:

All the colours were used.

From the evidence I used: Polka dots, Grid pattern, Animal, Heart (button), Flowers, Leaves/stems, Buttons, and a Scallop punched border.

From the testimony I: Documented a pet and used the inspiration word Hello (Allo) as part of the title.

I was inspired by the sketch to used the three photos and the banners.

The translated journaling reads:
When we moved to the farm I wondered how Maxime would react. She had always lived in town. She had her territory and her habits. Here, all that would change. So far she seems to be settling in just fine but I still worry if she doesn't come when I call her. There are many things that could happen to her here. I'd rather not think about them too much. She will soon be sixteen. I'd like her to live for a while yet.

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